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Meet Kathy

"The most important thing I have learned to do is to trust my inner voice," says Kathy Kamei, designer and CEO of the line of jewelry that bears her name, "and if I can create a piece of jewelry that inspires a person to break from the pack and celebrate their own uniqueness, that is the most exciting thing I can ever hope to do in my work."

Kamei credits her desire to celebrate women as the inspiration for her business, "what we wear should empower us and give meaning to our passions."

Kamei's journey to create her company began with a courageous trip she took to Bali with her two daughters. "The Balinese are the most beautiful human beings I have ever encountered," says Kamei, whose six-month excursion turned into a nine-year romance with the land. " I had never seen such heart, love, sprit and graciousness expressed in a community."

Our Jewelry


Before Kamei left the island, she created her line of jewelry, hand-crafted in Bali by artisans. From pendants which encourage us to open our hearts, to earrings which remind us to be mindful, each piece celebrates and reminds us of our relationship with self and others. "I have an idea what a piece means," says Kamei, who, like the family she came from, is now the mother of three daughters, Sydney, Alexa and Kenzi, "but everyone will uncover their own personal understanding. That's the beauty of this work, to encourage people to seek their own truth." 

Each piece of Kathy Kamei jewelry is created by hand in Bali of 92.5% solid silver.  

Two Tone pieces are overlayed with 18K gold vermeil.  

Handmade in Bali

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